Professor Schwartz

There is a lot of interest in this subject. America’s K12 system does not just affect millions of children and families in the United States, but if we can redesign our system to begin working, the rest of the world will copy our model.

But trying to rebuild a broken…

A thin, older woman in her 50s is rummaging through a closet in the foyer of her Brooklyn brownstone. It’s hard for her to see because the only illumination in the entranceway is a faint beam of light streaming through the stained glass of the front door. …

What if I could show you how to write a month’s worth of lesson plans in a couple hours?

That’s just one of the secret hacks teachers learn inside the Most Comprehensive Teacher Development (MCTD) site in the United States. Oh, you never heard of the MCTD before?

That’s because…

Professor Schwartz

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