A Millionaire Teacher

What You Don’t Believe Can Actually Hurt You

Let’s address the problem in the first paragraph. You don’t BELIEVE teachers can earn a decent wage. You are fighting for pennies, when teachers can EARN real money for teaching.

That’s the problem.

The Edu-Celebrities and elected officials have convinced teachers that there is NO WAY to pay them.

What do you believe? Do you think a teacher can become a millionaire?

The reason you think it’s IMPOSSIBLE is because edu-celebrities profit from your pain and suffering. That’s right. If you make more money, you no longer need a cheerleader to pat you on the back and tell you “get in there and suffer some more.”

Think about it.

When was the last time an edu-celebrity helped in class? Not helped you by “inspiring” you to give MORE!! Not helped you by convincing you to “OVERCOME” your own sense of right and wrong. What do edu-celebrities sell? They say this message: “Take One for the Team!”

I think teachers have done enough for the team. I think it’s time they got paid for their work. I think it's time teachers got paid for their service to our students and our country.

How many people are saying that message?

Not many, are they?

Not the edu-celebrity you follow. Take a look at their posts. Really look at them. Do they have solutions to your real problems? Or do they just offer band-aids so you don’t CARE as much about the blatant exploitation?

Stop Listening to Edu-Celebrities!!

The Real Truth and Nothing But the Truth

How to become a Teacher Millionaire:

I ran a K12 program from 2007–2020.

If a teacher worked for me for 25 years, they could retire a millionaire.


You read that correctly. If a teacher worked for me for 25 years they could retire a millionaire. But I already know what you’re saying. The edu-celebrities and elected officials have forced you to believe that schools are underfunded and that it’s impossible to PAY TEACHERS!!

Right? That’s what you have been told. But that’s all false.

It’s all lies and manipulations.

No school in America is underfunded. Mismanaged yes, but not underfunded. There is plenty of money to pay teachers.

Here’s how I beat the system for my staff.

Real Compensation

The average teacher salary in America is $61,000. But where does all the funding in education go? Does anyone know?

One answer is tens of millions of dollars is siphoned off to the edu-celebrities who profit from your pain and suffering. Yes, all of those PD workshops and sessions, who do you think runs them? The Edu-Celebrities.

What would happen if we put that money into teacher pensions instead?

I developed the Teacher Development Program in 2009 and from 2009 to 2020, my K12 program spent $0 on edu-celebrity PD programs. Not one penny.

Funny thing — my teachers got BETTER at their jobs. And provided higher quality instruction for our students.

And guess where the money went?

You guessed it — into the teachers retirement accounts.

My staff saw 20%-40% of their annual salary being deposited into their retirement accounts per year. Do the math. If the average salary is $61,000, that means teachers would receive approximately $500,000 over a 25 year period.

But this is a retirement account. That means there is compound interest over a 25 year period. For all the edu-celebrities who say we do a GREAT JOB educating kids, let me explain compound interest.

If you earn approximately 5% of compound interest annually, it takes approximately 7 years to double your money. That means if a teacher has $500,000 deposited into their account, they will have $1 million dollars at the end of a 25 year career.

That’s how math works.

Throw the Edu-Celebrities from the Train

We are on a high speed train rushing through the 21st century and there is no more room for edu-celebrities. We need to toss them from the train. This is your stop. Get off!!

Take Care of Your Needs

My message to teachers and the profession is to learn the facts and stop listening to the edu-celebrities who profit from your suffering. There is a much better way and I found it and exploited it for my staff.

All I’m trying to do now is share what I did for my teachers with you.

Why would anyone be opposed to another educator HELPING educators?

Think about that for a split second. Who would hate helping teachers out?

The answer is the only people who want to keep teachers down are edu-celebrities. The only people who don’t want to hear good ideas are the people who profit from band-aids and bad ideas.

When I post on social media, the mob comes after me with memes and bad puns and jokes. I don’t care. I’m not playing by the same rules. You can’t shut up an authentic educator.

You can rile up the mob on social media, but you can’t shut me up!!

I’m coming for you — edu-celebrities. And you are using gaslighting and mob mentality to shut me up!! It won’t work. Teachers are smarter than you. They know when they are being lied to.

The math I just presented is factual. Every teacher could retire a millionaire.

But people need to be aware that we live in a social media influenced world. The reality is that if edu-celebrities have more “followers” than me. Who will the elected officials listen to? Our government officials are the dumbest, most easily manipulated people in our society.

That’s good news if you want better teacher pay. It’s bad news if you keep pumping up edu-celebrity follow numbers and keep educators like me at low numbers.

We have to play the same game. If you want more pay, follow my accounts.

I can’t say it anymore clear than that.



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Professor Schwartz

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