Are Americans Lazy?

Find Out If They Are Talking About You

Professor Schwartz
5 min readAug 26, 2022

Last week I wrote an article citing JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon commenting on the opinion of China’s leadership that Americans are lazy. If you want to read that article, follow this link:

That article has gained some traction, but many people were angry and confused by what China’s leaders were actually saying.

Were they calling YOU lazy?

Numbers Don’t Lie

Numbers and math tend to scare people, so I highly doubt you have been following America’s GDP (Growth Domestic Product), which is a measure of how much Americans produce, work and grow.

In essence, how well America is doing.

According to the World Bank, America’s GDP in 2012 was 16.253 trillion. In 2018 it was 18.695 trillion. In fact, America’s GDP has grown since 2012 to well over 22.996 trillion dollars in 2021.

Who’s lazy now?

The Real Truth

If you are new to following me and reading my articles, you probably don’t know that I like to give harsh truth. I don’t sugar coat a lot and I don’t mince words. I write what you need to hear and if your feelings get hurt, well, you have to get over it because you need to protect yourself against other people who are trying to manipulate you.

CEO Jamie Dimon got baited into talking about America and its problems. Are American’s lazy? Not really. We saw the GDP data to back that up. So what was China’s leadership talking about and who are they referring to?

The Swamp

At the start of the New Millennium, a weird phenomenon happened. While no one was watching, our government and all of our elected leaders decided to forget about their pledge to represent the American people and uphold the Constitution and instead receive bribes and pay outs, in exchange for drafting, submitting and passing laws.

This used to be called “quid pro quo,” but now it’s just called Washington, D.C.

Now, political corruption is nothing new in America. In fact, if you like to think America is #1 in a lot of things, we are also pretty damn good at corrupting our political world as well.

But what changed at the turn of the millennium is that THIS is now standard operating procedures. This isn’t an exception to the rule anymore, this is the rule and the exception are elected officials who try and avoid the “quid pro quo.”

Here’s a twist that you didn’t expect.

Because the exception are honest politicians, the corporate PAC money and the campaign contributions and every single political ad you see on TV, and the Internet is run against honest leaders. The ads you see are all FAKE NEWS!

What ends up happening then is that only corrupt politicians can be elected to public office. Honest people don’t have the money or the communications talent to outwit and outsmart liars, cheats and scoundrels.

Here’s where things get interesting though.

Who are the people we elect? Who are we sending to Washington to serve our needs and represent us?

It turns out these are the LAZIEST people in our country. Our elected officials are the MOST spoiled group of people ever assembled. If you want to see a photo of the oldest, fattest, most spoiled and entitled people, just look at a picture of our House of Representatives and US Senate.

Foreign Policy

When China leaders called America lazy, they weren’t talking about YOU. How could they? They never met you. They never talked to you, they don’t know your pain, your struggle and your fortitude.

Who does China talk to? Our elected officials.

China spent four years talking to Donald Trump, one of the most notoriously lazy people in America. Now they talk to Joe Biden, who might need help finding the Oval Office.

Our Congress cannot pass any meaningful legislation. Instead they get obsessed by “what’s trending” on the internet, like a lazy person who has nothing better to do with their day.

Meanwhile, we have NO national healthcare system, Social Security is failing, our educational system is stuck in the 19th century and America is holding over $1 trillion in college loan debt because Congress refuses to eliminate the predatory lending practices that lock young people into debt they will NEVER pay off.

China is Right About One Thing

China was talking about our leaders. They are the most lazy, spoiled and entitled group of people in our country. And if any recovery is dependent on them to fix, we are ALL in trouble.

America’s strength is its people, not its government. Americans are hard working, dedicated, and possess a never-say-die attitude. In the 1980s, the world thought Japan was going to take over the world economically. America was in shambles.

Guess what? Americans bootstrapped the greatest recovery the world has ever seen.

During the dot-com bubble, the world again was in panic. Everyone predicted that India was going to become the new economic power. Jobs were being outsourced to India like you wouldn’t believe. Nope. Americans worked harder.

So when it’s panic season again. The entire globe is saying China will surpass America. Guess what? Not if the American people have anything to say about it.

China is right about one thing — Washington, D.C. is lazy AF!

But you’re not D.C., they don’t represent you, they don’t look like you, they don’t act like you, they don’t even think like you. Where on earth did we find these bastard step-children to run our country?

Who knows? But hopefully we come together to fix this giant mess.

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