Are You a Master Teacher?

The Difference Between an Expert and a Novice in the Classroom

Professor Schwartz


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If you don’t know my story — I’m a former teacher, principal and superintendent turned entrepreneur. I officially left the K12 system in 2019, after spending more than two decades deep inside the school system.

I started my social media channels in 2020, including here on Medium — and I’ve learned the hard way how social media gurus use social media platforms to grow an audience and also bully “dissenters.”

You could call me a “dissenter.”

So what I would like to do is go over what makes me a K12 expert and also why nearly 5,000 teachers trust me in real life.

What is a Master Teacher?

What I’ve come to realize is that when you start to talk about teaching on social media — I’m not just talking to teachers.

I know that sounds “obvious” to most of you — but for someone that never used social media before — it was a wake up call.

Therefore, I cannot assume that everyone knows the teacher jargon or insider knowledge that I unfortunately assumed most people knew. (that was a mistake on my part).

So let’s start with the basics.

People who decide to become teachers are special people. And given the anger and frustration pointed in teachers direction — anyone that decides to become a teacher right now — is truly a remarkable human being.

After I left the K12 system in 2019, most people that know me questioned why I would fight so hard to help teachers. After all — it’s not my responsibility anymore.

And the reason I can’t seem to let it go — is simply because America not only needs teachers, but we need Master Teachers in every classroom. Therefore, when I talk about teaching — I’m really talking about helping teachers elevate their skills to the highest level in the profession.

Which brings us to the question, “what is a Master Teacher?”

In order to answer that question, it’s important that you separate Master Teacher from a Master’s Degree in Teaching. And that’s because the two are not the same.



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