Why Are Algebra Teachers Out to Get Students?

The Truth About Math in School

Professor Schwartz


Do you need Algebra or not? (photo created with canva.com)

“You need Algebra,” every Math teacher says so.

But are they right?

Is Algebra learning a key to your long term success or just another lie the K12 system told you?

If you want to know the answer to that question — then keep reading this story.

The Algebra Fallacy

Before we get into the story, I want you to know that I started my social media channels in 2020. That’s an important tid-bit because since joining social media I have been exposed to some of the urban myths and legends being spread on social media platforms.

And one of those myths is how important Algebra is in your life.

So let’s get started.

What is Algebra?

x + 3 = 6

Even if you can’t solve for x, you probably remember this equation.

Or maybe you don’t remember this equation?

And this is where the Algebra fallacy starts to fall apart. If Algebra was a required high school course — wouldn’t that mean you “need” Algebra in your daily life?

And yet, 99% of the population never uses Algebra.

And if that’s true — then why are Algebra teachers out to get students?

Why is Algebra a Required Class for Graduation?

I spent 20 years inside the K12 system. I am a former teacher, principal and superintendent. I never taught math as a subject, but I worked with many Math teachers as a school administrator.

So I’ve heard what Math teachers say about students. And I’ve heard their frustrations with teaching Math to 21st century kids.

Which is why I keep asking the question — why is Algebra a required class for graduation?

Can we say the truth out loud? Algebra is not a 21st century skill. It’s not. Algebra was invented a very long time ago — therefore the study of Algebra has nothing to do with 21st century learning.

But the people who object to what I’m saying aren’t really Math teachers…



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