How I Became the Lone Educator?

One question that plagued me growing up, “Why can’t I earn straight “A”s in school?”

It wasn’t what most kids worried about, it wasn’t even what most parents or Teachers worried about, but it gnawed at me — because at every parent/teacher conference they praised me as the “best student in class.”

That statement made no sense to me — “How could I be the best student, and not earn straight “A”s?”

Fast forward twenty years, and I’m the Superintendent of a school for kids that got kicked out of the public school. My students struggled academically, hated listening to Teachers, refused to do homework and drove their own parents nuts.

And then one day, while I was observing a Teacher in class and I saw “IT”. Yes, the One-Thing that could change the trajectory of every student sitting in every classroom.

But I didn’t believe it at first. I thought to myself, “It couldn’t be that simple?” There were thousands of educational experts who touted one strategy after another, but none of them had stumbled upon this simple Teacher method.

For those that were born before 1970, you might remember a TV show called “The Lone Ranger.” It was about a frontier lawman, the last Texas Ranger, who battled crime in the Old West.

The Lone Ranger fought for good against evil because the Government refused to step foot into the Old West to help out. Thousands of educational researchers and experts have been endorsed by the US Department of Education and all of them claim that Class Size, Teacher Accountability and Higher Teacher Standards is the best way to improve student learning.

When I went into the classroom to do my observation, I didn’t expect to find the one secret that could help every kid. In fact, after I saw it happen, I talked to the Teacher during the post-conference and they didn’t even realize they had done anything special.

Naturally, I wanted to share the good news. In my mind, this could solve our nation’s educational problems. I contacted the State Department of Education, the Teachers Union, the Principals Association and everyone else tied to my State’s schools. And they all ignored me. In fact, I kept hearing this statement, “Leave the policy decisions to the experts.”

In my mind, the “experts” had missed this. We all missed it. I almost missed it.

I decided then to start this mission to transform every Public School, one classroom at a time. I wrote about it, I lectured about it and I ran professional development about it. In ten years, I had influenced nearly 5000 Teachers, Child Study Team members, Principals, Supervisors, and Superintendents.

And now I’ve decided to teach you.

Written by D.Scott Schwartz



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