How Much Effort Does it Take to Start Earning Money on Medium?

The Reality of Making Money on Medium

Professor Schwartz


Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Here’s the dream.

You write 4 or 5 articles per month and Medium pays you $500 or $1000 for your effort.

But here’s the reality.

It’s not that simple. In fact, there’s a lot you need to do and to learn before you can make any decent money on Medium. So here’s what I want to do for you. I am going to show you how much money I made this past month (November 2023) and then explain how I made it.

What that means is that I will show you how many articles I wrote this month, how much time and effort it took to write them and also what advice you should and should not follow to earn money.

If you’re ready — let’s take a look at the realities of earning money on Medium.

How Much Money Did I Earn on Medium this Month?

The most frequently asked question on Medium is this one, in fact there are several hundred YouTube channels dedicated to how-to make money on Medium. And all of them garner tens of thousands of views.

So here are my numbers for the month of November 2023:

Not impressive, right?

As you can see, I earned a whopping $12.60 for the month of November 2023. But I don’t want you to focus on the dollar amount, instead I want you to take a look at the % increase from the previous months.

That’s a 4000% increase!

Which should lead you right into the next question:

How did I go from earning 29 cents in October 2023 to $12.60 in November 2023?

What’s the Secret Formula?

I cracked the code.

I know what you’re saying — how can I say I cracked the code, when I only earned $12.60. It’s not like you can live off $12.60…



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