Why Is it So Hard to Make $100 on Medium in One Month?

The Hidden Story About Why Its Hard to Earn on Medium

Professor Schwartz


Screenshot of Medium Partner Program Stats

In order for this story to make any sense — you need to look at the graphic first.

I circled how much I made in January 2024. As you can clearly see, I earned over $165 in that month, but what you can also see is that I didn’t make anywhere near that amount in any other month.

So why is it so hard to earn $100 per month on Medium?

The Freelance Writer Dream

Do you have this dream?

I would love to be able to sit down at my laptop and write 10–15 articles and check my Medium Partner Program earnings and see $500 — $1,000 go directly into my bank account at the end of every month.

Are you with me? Or is that just my dream?

And if this isn’t your dream, may I ask, “What are your Medium goals?”

  • How much money per month are you satisfied with earning?
  • How many articles should you have to publish, in order to earn that amount?

And this is the equation that Medium writers have to contemplate. How much time do I want to give to Medium — in exchange for how much compensation.



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