I Hurt Myself for 3 Years Because I Was Wrong About Medium

I Wish I Had Learned This Hard Lessons Much Earlier

Professor Schwartz


What is Medium?

If you’re a writer — tell me if this scenario sounds like a dream to you?

Every time you log into Medium and publish an article — it earns you $100 at the end of the month. In other words, if you publish 10 articles that month — you will earn $1,000. If you publish 20 articles — you will earn $2,000.

If you’re a writer — does that sound like a good deal?

The Harsh Truth

I wish I could tell you that the dream scenario at the beginning of this article was real, but the harsh truth is that this will never happen for 99% of writers on Medium.

And the reason why it won’t happen is simply because Medium doesn’t generate enough money to pay writers.

The problem isn’t Medium — the problem is the Medium business model.

And that’s the harsh truth that writers need to become aware of if they want to continue to pour time and effort into stories on this site.

When I first started on Medium — I was under the impression that I could make a living on Medium. Boy was I wrong about that. And it has nothing to do with the people who subscribe to Medium or that people…



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