Why You Shouldn’t Vote for Biden or Trump! If I Ran for President…

Here’s the Very First Thing I Would Do

Professor Schwartz
5 min readFeb 19


I can’t run for President.

I’m not a billionaire and the political parties aren’t interested in backing a common citizen for President.

But if I ran for President — this is the first thing I would do.

Congressional Term Limits

Forget about healthcare — and who cares about education.

The single biggest problem our nation faces is that our elected officials in Washington are SOOO OLD — they had pet dinosaurs when they were growing up.

Let me make this point perfectly clear.

I love this country. I believe America is the greatest country on earth. The reason I believe this is because our Founding Fathers did what no other group of people ever wanted to do — they wrote the Constitution.

And what the Constitution says is that people — are HORRIBLE at governing other people. And what that means is that Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and George Washington all knew that if you allow people to stay in power too long — they will become “aristocracy.”

And that’s what has happened in 2023.

It doesn’t matter what party you vote for — Nancy Pelosi has been in Congress TOOO LONG!! And Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham and Chuck Schumer and the list goes on and on.

Presidential Term Limits

Before Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to his 4th term as President, there didn’t seem to be a need for legal term limits for the Presidency. George Washington famously refused to run for a 3rd term because he said, “I am not a King!”

But two generations later — Americans forgot about Washington’s Farewell Address and started to act stupid. And that seems to happen 40 years after one generation passes on.

So Congress enacted the Presidential term limit in 1951 with the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution. What it states is that a President cannot be elected to more than two terms. In reality, this caps Presidential administrations to 8 years in total.

Serve Your Term and Then Go Home

So how long should members of Congress and the Senate serve?

If Presidents are limited to 8 years, then elected officials in Washington should be allowed double that term. And you might be asking why?

There are actually two reasons why members of Congress and the Senate should not serve for more than 16 years.

Reason #1 — Continuity of Governance

While it’s good to have “new members” join Congress and the Senate, we do need people with experience to make laws and protect our rights. Allowing elected officials in Washington to be elected to 16 years gives them the ability to be in office during two Presidents, and in some cases three Presidents (if they are elected during the midterms).

If our government is working properly, Congressional members should serve for 16 years and then retire. If a Senate seat opens up, retired Congressional members should run for those open Senate seats and be allowed another 16 year term limit.

When you think about it — that means Congress is always going to have more energy and more new ideas, because they will be less experienced and typically younger, while the Senate will be our elder statespeople.

Reason #2 — Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!

When there are no term limits, our elected officials have no sense of urgency to do anything. If they don’t get anything done this term, they can kick the can down the road — because they know they will probably be re-elected to keep kicking the can down the road next term.

When you create a term limit — it creates a sense of urgency.

When a new member is elected to Washington, they are full of passion, energy and naivete. What happens to anyone that goes to Washington is the “SWAMP” eats them alive after 8 years of serving. If there are no term limits, those “zombies” become our leaders.

But if you have a 16 year term limit — those same “zombies” must wake up if they want to secure a legacy. And what is more important than money to elected officials??

The answer is “LEGACY!!”

They all want to be considered a great leader. They all want to be remembered. They all want their names in history books that high school kids will read about 100 years from now.

Guess what?? No one in Washington is note-worthy.

I know that the Democrat party wants to shove this narrative down our throats that Nancy Pelosi is the greatest Speaker of the House — but under what criteria are we judging that??

The only thing Nancy Pelosi has accomplished is that she is OLDER THAN ANYONE!!

And that’s not so much an accomplishment as it is Mazel Tov!! I mean, it’s amazing that someone in her position with that much stress and pressure could survive as long as she has without any health or medical issues.

But being old is not an achievement.

She needs to go. Not because of any political agenda — it’s just time to leave and go home!

If you enact Congressional term limits, then members of Congress would leave after 16 years and if they get elected to a Senate seat later on, then they can stay in Washington a total of 32 years. (I think that’s enough!!)

My First 100 Days

This would be my first policy agenda in the first 100 days. And I would make it a huge campaign promise. And I would force everyone running to let the American people know how they would vote on such a measure, BEFORE the November election.

You want a real referendum on change — force people running for office to promise to vote “yes or no” before the November election.

If you lie to the American people — I hope they vote you out the next time.

If not — then the American people need to STFU!!

Our democracy is not broken — what’s broken is that no one running for President is a real leader or knows 21st century leadership skills.

I am a 21st century skills expert. I have been teaching 21st century skills, like 21st century leadership skills for more than a decade. I was one of the first superintendents in America to adopt a 21st century skills curriculum in the K12 district program I ran in NJ back in 2011.

If I was running for President, this is the first policy initiative that I would enact. If you want to get America moving in the right direction — you need to get rid of the OLD PEOPLE clogging up the drains of democracy.



Professor Schwartz

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