If You Were in Charge of America’s School System — What Would You Do?

A Lesson in Leadership

Professor Schwartz


What Would You Do? (graphic created with canva.com)

One of the great things about social media and platforms like Medium is that it gives people like me an opportunity to connect with millions of people around the country — without meeting you face to face.

So here’s the question I want you to consider.

“If you were in charge of America’s school system — what would you do differently?”

Although this question is pretty straightforward — you will find that answering it isn’t so easy.

For the last three years, I have been trying to wrestle with this question. And the biggest challenge so far has been just getting people on the same page.

And what I mean by that is — it doesn’t matter what issue you care about the most or what cause you think is a priority. The problem is that Americans cannot seem to agree on one fact — “should we fix our schools?”

So what do you think?

Do you think we need to fix our school system? And if you do — why don’t other people think our school system needs to be fixed?

The problem I have been running into is that some people no longer want to fix our schools, simply because they believe they found a solution that works for them.

For example, we don’t need to fix our schools if:

  • I put my kids in charter schools
  • I pulled my kids from the system and home school them
  • I send my kids to private school

So here’s the question I want you to consider:

If we fixed our K12 system — would parents continue to choose those “alternatives?”

I’m not against school choice — and I’m not opposed to charter and private schools, but what if the public school was 100x better than it is right now? What if we could build the best school system in the world?

Would you still want to pull your kid from that school system?

Right now, I cannot get every parent to hear that question.

Our current school system is so bad — that parents don’t have the time to think about— “what…



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