If You’re Under 30, Do You Want to Learn How To Make More Money?

The Key to Success in the 21st Century

Professor Schwartz


From 2011 to 2019, I was able to help thousands of teenagers pursue their dreams without a college degree. And parents ask me all the time — “how did you do that?”

After all, we have been told time and time again — college is the key to long term success.

But here’s the problem with that “statement.”

That’s no longer true in the 21st century. And I know you don’t want to believe me. Actually, I know it’s hard to believe me, but what would that mean for you and your future if it WAS TRUE??

Think about it for a second.

  • What if you didn’t need to go into debt?
  • What if you didn’t need to study for the SATs?
  • What if you didn’t need to play politics and write essays and prove to colleges you are “worthy” of them?

If you’re under 30, I want to help you.

Who the Heck Am I?

Before we get started, let me introduce myself. Hi, I’m The School Doc, but you can just call me Doc for short. And I’m a recognized 21st century skills expert, as well as a K12 expert.

And I have not only conducted 20 years of academic research on education in the 21st century, but I have tested all of my theories in the field. That means, I have used what works with kids, with teachers and in real life classrooms.

Everything I talk about is no longer a “theory” that I hope might work.

I wouldn’t waste your time with that. What I talk about and what I teach actually works for real people in the real world.

My Biggest Challenge

Becoming successful in the 21st century is not easy. Anyone that tells you there’s a “get rich quick scheme” is a dangerous person. So watch out for them.

I don’t have a scheme. All I have is research-based academic knowledge that I want to share with you — so that you can go and follow your dreams in life. Having said that, my biggest challenge has been, “how do I explain what I know to non-educators?”



Professor Schwartz

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