I’m Building a Course That Will Teach People How to Make $$ Money

Going Behind the Scenes of the Course Development Process

  1. How to Develop a New Idea/Product
  2. How to Sell Someone Else’s Idea/Product
  3. What’s Your Purpose
  4. How You Can Achieve Your Purpose
  5. How to Launch Your Idea/Product
  1. What is the core value of the idea/product?
  2. How to build up perceived value of the idea/product?
  3. How to create an Unreal Offer customers cannot refuse
  1. The six steps to become successful,
  2. Where to begin your success journey,
  3. How to build more trust with people,
  4. The secret to success and
  5. How to avoid making costly mistakes.
  1. The 21st Century Beginner Leadership 101 Course ($347 Value)
  2. The Private Facebook Mentor Group ($564 Value)
  3. The Bonus Coupon ($300 Value)



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Professor Schwartz

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