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Going Behind the Scenes of the Course Development Process

Professor Schwartz
9 min readNov 29, 2022

Everyone knows what schools teach. They teach kids how to read, write and do math. They teach kids the 46 Presidents of the United States and they teach kids how to calculate the circumference of a circle, but what if schools taught kids how to make money and be successful in life?

I’m not talking about a financial literacy course, I’m talking specifically about showing kids how to find their passion in life, figure out how to start following their dreams and also how to make money and become successful for the long term.

If high school students could take those classes, would teachers have an engagement problem? Would students listen to their teachers? Would teachers be seen as highly valuable professionals?

Ever since I left the K12 system in 2020, these are the questions I’ve been thinking about.

Why I Develop Courses?

I don’t need to develop courses. The amount of work, headaches and intellectual frustration that goes into developing a kick-ass course is immense.

I also don’t do it for the “thanks.” I spent 20 years inside the K12 system and I can count the number of times someone thanked me for doing a great job on one hand.

And I did a great job!

I was one of the first superintendents to adopt a 21st century skills curriculum, I developed the most effective and successful teacher training and prep program in the country and I created the most supportive and helpful School Management program. And the results were remarkable.

My students outperformed their peers in other K12 districts, my teachers were experts in the classroom and would get hired on the spot if they applied at any other school, and administrators that spent time with me in the Principal’s Academy were able to run their schools better, smarter and with less stress and headaches.

If it’s not for the thanks, then why spend the time and effort?

Now that I am no longer inside the K12 system, I guess I see this as my opportunity to fix the entire system. For all of my achievements, I was limited in the number of people I could impact. As the superintendent of one K12 district, you are limited in your reach. Only my students, my teachers and my administrators knew what I was doing. For that the reason I founded an education think tank in 2013, to help further my educational research and also expand my reach.

And my reach expanded. Since 2013, more than 5000 educators have benefitted from my workshops, lectures, and courses. But that’s still not enough if we want every kid to feel like they have an equal opportunity at the American Dream.

That’s why I decided to launch Leaf Academy in 2021. Leaf Academy is the first online school for 21st century skills. And in case, you didn’t know, Georgetown University researchers said in a 2020 study that learning 21st century skills was the key to success.

If you were wondering why I spend all this time posting and writing articles, that’s part of the reason. The other reason is because I think schools could do a better job. And the only way to show schools WHAT they should do, is to model for them a better curriculum.

The First Course

This new course I’m developing will help people make extra money, but it’s not the first course I’ve developed. In fact, the first course called the 21st Century Beginner Leadership 101 Course launched over the summer.

The Georgetown study said that 21st century leadership skills was one of the five essential skills. And a May 2022 US News & World Report article said that one of the reasons recent MBA graduates earn $100,000 a year is because they have 21st century leadership skills.

As you can see this is a very important and valuable skill to learn.

The New Course

What will the new course teach?

The new course I’m developing will teach people how to make money. The problem people run into is assuming everyone just knows how to make money. Like you wake up one day and miraculously you KNOW how money is made. That’s simply not true or realistic.

What this course will do is break down how entrepreneurs, employees and companies make money in the 21st century. This course will also look closely at how money is collected in a digital world and how products are delivered via email.

People who register for this course will learn five main concepts:

  1. How to Develop a New Idea/Product
  2. How to Sell Someone Else’s Idea/Product
  3. What’s Your Purpose
  4. How You Can Achieve Your Purpose
  5. How to Launch Your Idea/Product

The Unreal Offer

More than anything, people who take this new course will understand the concept of the UNREAL OFFER!

If you’re wondering what that means, you’re not alone. In fact, the concept of the UNREAL OFFER is the subject of thousands of business books, sales training manuals and every Fortune 500 company board meeting.

If someone could teach people how to make UNREAL OFFERS, they would unlock the Holy Grail of success.

Which brings us to why I’m developing this new course.

If you want to make extra money, let’s say $1000-$10,000 a year, then you need to know these three main ideas about earning money:

  1. What is the core value of the idea/product?
  2. How to build up perceived value of the idea/product?
  3. How to create an Unreal Offer customers cannot refuse

Pay close attention.

Here’s an example of an UNREAL OFFER for you!

Can You Afford to Say NO?

The litmus test for creating an UNREAL OFFER is when your potential customers see the offer and think to themselves — “I cannot afford to say NO!”

You might think that people want the best deal or they want the cheapest price, but those are just false assumptions. That’s not how people actually think when they buy products or ideas.

Underneath the surface, the real reason people say YES to your offer is because they cannot afford to say NO.

Thus, if you can tap into your core customers problems, anxieties and fears, you can create an UNREAL OFFER that makes them happy to say YES!

Real World Example

As part of the development of this new course, I need to show some real world data and proof the UNREAL OFFER works. That’s why I created the first UNREAL OFFER for Leaf Academy.

Pay close attention again.

The link below is the ONLY place you can get access to this UNREAL OFFER. That means, if you want to say YES, you need to follow this link. If you want to share it with your friends, you need to share this article, so they have access to this exclusive link:

This UNREAL OFFER has 3 Parts:

Part One

The first part of this offer is the first course at Leaf Academy — the 21st Century Beginner Leadership 101 Course. It normally costs $347 to register for this groundbreaking course.

When you register for this course, you get access to five learning modules. Inside each learning module is a video lesson, a lesson workbook and a lesson activity.

Here are the Five Things You Will Inside the 21st Century Leadership Course:

  1. The six steps to become successful,
  2. Where to begin your success journey,
  3. How to build more trust with people,
  4. The secret to success and
  5. How to avoid making costly mistakes.

As you already know, Georgetown University researchers said that 21st century leadership skills was one of the five essential skills to learn in their 2020 published study. And the US News & World report said that recent MBA graduates earn $100,000 a year because they have 21st century leadership skills.

Part Two

The second part of this UNREAL OFFER is access to a private and exclusive Facebook Mentor Group. When you complete the 21st Century Beginner Leadership 101 Course, you may still feel unsure of yourself. You may still battle self-doubt or have more questions you want answered.

That’s why Leaf Academy created a private and exclusive Facebook group for people who want to go one step further. The group is meant for go-getters, people who want to ask questions, do more self-improvement and also network with other like minded people.

Because the private group provides an extra layer of direct support, guidance and mentorship, it normally costs $47 a month to join.

Part Three

Part three of this UNREAL OFFER was added to sweeten the deal.

The reason people say YES to offers is because they cannot afford to say NO. That means, you need to find out what your core customers truly care about and create an offer that make them think, “I cannot afford to say NO to this offer.”

Anyone that is interested in registering for the 21st Century Beginner Leadership 101 Course, would also be interested in this new course. If they find tremendous value from the private mentor group, they will want to take this new course, which can show them how to make extra money.

That’s why Part Three of this offer is an exclusive bonus coupon. With this coupon, people who say YES to this UNREAL OFFER will get $300 off the new course, when it launches.


In order to fully understand this entire UNREAL OFFER, we need to break down each of the three parts. So let’s do that now.

Part One:

What is part one worth? From a full retail value, part one is worth the price of registration, which is $347. But that’s not what this part is worth in real life.

In fact, a similar type 101 level course would cost the core customer closer to $3000 if they went to their local college. But if high schools wanted to teach this same course, it would cost the district around $10,000 with teacher salary, curriculum materials and other costs.

Part Two:

What about part two? The private facebook mentor group costs $47 per month to join, which means the total full value is closer to $564 a year. But how much is mentoring worth in the real world?

How much would you spend if you tried to hire me as your mentor? I charge $300 an hour for consulting work. And how much do similar mentor groups cost a year. For the type of 21st century leadership mentoring we are talking about, similar groups cost anywhere from $2000 to $20,000 a year.

Part Three:

Part three seems easy to calculate. The bonus coupon is worth $300 off the new course. But as we discussed, the new course will teach people how to make extra money. Anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 a year.

That means, part three is potentially worth $10,000 in real world value.

When we add up all the numbers, Part One ($347 Full Value), Part Two ($564 Full Value) and Part Three ($300 Full Value) we can say the full retail value of this offer is $1,258.

But the underlying value of this offer is closer to $20,000 or $30,000.

Can You Afford to Say NO?

When we look at this whole offer, the full retail price is already a bargain. If you had to pay $1,258 for this offer, you would still be getting a huge deal.

Leaf Academy is the only place that offers the Beginner Leadership Course, a private mentor group would cost you well over $1000 a year to join and the new course can show you how to make $1000 to $10,000.

But I need to prove a point. And I need the data to prove it also.

That’s why if you say YES to this UNREAL OFFER, you can get all three parts for ONLY $7!

Let me repeat that, if you say YES to this UNREAL OFFER, you will get:

  1. The 21st Century Beginner Leadership 101 Course ($347 Value)
  2. The Private Facebook Mentor Group ($564 Value)
  3. The Bonus Coupon ($300 Value)

A Total Full Value of $1,258 For Only $7 Bucks!!

If you say YES, you have to follow the link above and this offer expires December 31, 2022.

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