Is the “Truth” Evil?

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Professor Schwartz
7 min readFeb 17, 2023

Do you believe that every child deserves a high quality education? And do you believe that the quality of education depends on how wealthy your school district is?

If you believe these two things to be true — that’s because you have been reading too many stories in the news and you’ve been listening to too many speeches by our elected officials.

What if those stories were untrue?

What if there was proof that could prove those stories were wrong?

Would you want to read that story instead?

Hear No Evil

For the last 25 years, the media and elected officials have been repeating this narrative over and over again. In fact, they have told this story so many times, that it’s now official government policy.

If you try and say that school quality is not dependent on funding — they will laugh at you.

If you try and say there is a way to close the Achievement Gap — they will call you a crackpot.

And if you try and say their story is wrong — they will ignore you.

Why is “the truth” evil?

See No Evil

What happens when you don’t listen to the truth? When you stop listening, you stop learning. And that is exactly what has happened in this country. Right now, all of our elected leaders have stopped listening and learning to what reality is trying to tell them.

Unfortunately, what our elected leaders don’t know is that “listening” is one of the six steps of 21st century leadership. (We’ll circle back to that in a minute.)

If you close your ears, something else happens. You blind yourself to the truth. What that means is if you stop listening to the truth, that also means you stop seeing the truth as well.

Speak No Evil

If you want to know how the “echo chamber” works, its when a group of people get together and collectively stop listening and stop seeing reality. It’s a conscious choice to stop listening and stop seeing.

The problem for the American people is that the political echo chamber has also infected our news media. Reporters at The NY Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC and CNN are all stuck in echo chambers that prevent them from hearing or seeing the truth.

And when you stop knowing the truth — you stop SPEAKING the truth.

The Story You Never Read

What if the story you heard a million times before was wrong? What if there was actual proof that what the media and elected officials tell you about our educational system is just a false “echo chamber” problem?

That’s right, the reality is MUCH different than the story they are telling you and repeating over and over again.

Here’s what we have been told:

  • Wealthier Districts provide a better quality education
  • If you come from nothing — you will probably end up with nothing
  • The Achievement Gap is caused by low socioeconomic conditions
  • The reason that African-American and Hispanic students are not successful is because they have no access to capital
  • If you don’t earn a college degree — you cannot be successful in the 21st century
  • That means — every student MUST receive a college education
  • And by extension — college education should be FREE!

Do these stories sound familiar? They should because they have been in headlines for the last 25 years.

But what if these stories were wrong? What if there was evidence that proves these stories are false?

Disrupting Education

While you were struggling to live paycheck to paycheck, while you were desperately trying to pay for college and while you were working two and three jobs to make ends meet — there was one educator in New Jersey who was disrupting education in America.

You never heard about him because he was proving the narrative wrong.

When he tried to talk to the media and elected officials — they ignored him. “HEAR NO EVIL”

But that didn’t stop him.

In 2011, he became one of the first superintendents to adopt a new cutting-edge 21st century skills curriculum. This curriculum is so advanced and so modern, that you’ve never seen anything like it before. In fact, the whole world has never seen what this curriculum can do.

When this educator tried to show the media and elected officials — they ignored him. “SEE NO EVIL.”

But that didn’t stop him either.

This educator has been teaching 21st century skills for over a decade, which also means he has more than enough proof to show that the OLD system is just that — OLD AND OUTDATED!!

But this time, when he went to show elected officials in New Jersey — they took notice.

It’s Your Turn to Shine

The great thing about America is that people can ignore you, UNTIL they can’t ignore you anymore. And that’s what happened to this educator. The media and elected officials ignored him for years, UNTIL they couldn’t anymore.

And in 2017, the NJ Joint Legislative Committee on the Public Schools invited this educator to give expert testimony at a public hearing. What they wanted to know was “How do we fix all of our public schools?”

Do you want to know the answer to that question too?

Catching Up to the 21st Century

The reason that our school system produces horrible results is not because of funding, not because of socioeconomic backgrounds and not because of societal division and angst. The reason happens to be more simple than that.

The truth is that our curriculum expired. Yes, expired! Just like old curdled milk — curriculums can expire too. Did you know that?

Academic elites have known this fact for decades, but they are meek, quiet people who run and hide in corners when the media and elected officials ignore them. That’s where the term “snowflake” came from!

What this educator proved was that if you UPGRADE the curriculum from the old, tired one you are using and adopt a modern, cutting-edge 21st century skills curriculum — you can solve most of your problems.

Teaching the Fundamentals

During the time the media and elected officials were ignoring this educator, they were also turning a blind eye to reality. Back in the late 1870s when the public school system first started — the fundamentals of education was to teach kids how to read, write and do math.

The problem is more than 200 years later — those are still the fundamentals of education. And that’s why our educational system is leaving every student behind. And they have been leaving kids behind for the last 25 years.

What schools need to do is teach the fundamentals of 21st century skills. And that’s what this educator showed the NJ Legislative Committee on the Public Schools how to do.

Do you want to see the fundamentals of 21st century skills?

  • There are Six Steps to 21st Century Leadership Skills
  • There are Five Stages to 21st Century Team Building Skills
  • There are Two Steps to 21st Century Problem Solving Skills
  • There are Five Pillars of 21st Century Sales Skills
  • There are Six Key Questions to answer for 21st Century Communications Skills

These are the fundamentals to 21st century skills that the students in this educators K12 district were learning from 2011–2019, when he finally stepped down as superintendent.

Change Your Life Trajectory

What this educator was able to prove is that you can be successful in the 21st century without a college degree. What this educator proved was that the Achievement Gap was a result of an old and outdated curriculum.

What this educator proved was the reason people that come from nothing, have a harder time climbing the economic ladder is because they are not learning the fundamentals of the 21st century skills they need to compete.

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