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Professor Schwartz
4 min readFeb 10, 2023

We all know that a high quality education is the key to success, but that’s where the agreement ends. If you ask Republicans they will tell you school vouchers are the answer, if you ask Democrats they will tell you more funding for public schools is the answer.

The problem is no one is focusing on the “actual” quality of what’s being taught.

The truth is that 21st century citizens need a 21st century education and that’s not possible inside an educational system designed for the 19th century.

A 21st Century Learning Center

There is a lot of debate around what are real 21st century skills. The conventional wisdom is that 21st century skills must mean technology skills, after all we live in the digital age.

But that would just be a gross assumption and not backed by any research or science.

If you want to know the truth, you need look no further than the groundbreaking study published by Georgetown University’s Center for Education and the Workforce.

Who would know more about education and jobs than them?

And the answer is — no one.

In 2020, after our government shut down all businesses in America and 40 million people were unemployed in seconds, the Center for Education and the Workforce began studying the US Labor Market to find out once and for all — “What are 21st century skills?”

And here’s what you need to know.

When the researchers were analyzing the data they collected, they noticed that five skills kept popping up in all their information. They determined that these were the five most valuable skills for success in the 21st century.

Would you like to know what those skills are?

  • 21st Century Leadership
  • 21st Century Team Building
  • 21st Century Problem Solving
  • 21st Century Sales
  • 21st Century Communications

These are the five essential 21st century skills that schools (high schools and colleges) need to start teaching in their classrooms. That was the recommendation the Center made at the end of their report.

Here’s the problem!

Our K12 system and our collegiate system ignored their recommendation. In fact, not one major news media outlet even covered this story.

Living in the Dark Ages

If you feel like you’re living in an age that is inundated with information, but none of it is valuable, you’re not wrong. That’s what has happened in reality. In the pursuit of proving how smart we are, we have memorized the least important information.

What ends up happening is that individuals sound smart at cocktail parties, and would make incredible contestants on the game show Jeopardy!, but all of the data filling their brains is completely useless in real life.

Take Back Control Over Your Life

If you want to stop giving power over to other people and you want to really take back control over your life — then the only answer is to learn the five 21st century skills.

What you need to understand is that when you learn the Six Steps of Leadership, it will be ten times harder for someone to gaslight you, or fool you with fake news or manipulate you to do something you shouldn’t do.

We are living in the “Scam Age” and you need to protect yourself from unscrupulous people.

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What you learned in high school might have been interesting, but it wasn’t valuable. What you learned in college may have been “academic”, but it didn’t help you be successful in life.

It’s time we stop making excuses for our educational system. The fact is that they provide one of the world’s oldest educations. and what you need is a 21st century education.

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