The First Step to Becoming an Entrepreneur

Do this Before You Do Anything Else

Professor Schwartz
4 min readSep 17


Does being an entrepreneur sound exciting to you? Is your dream to be the head of a company that makes millions of dollars and people respect you for what you built from nothing?

If the answer is yes — then you might have the right mindset to be an entrepreneur, but before you can launch your million dollar business, there’s still one thing missing.

What’s that?

The Long Hard Road

Before you embark on this Entrepreneur’s Journey, you need to know ahead of time that this is going to be a long, hard journey. I’m not joking with you right now, this is not going to be easy.

And here’s why?

There is a lot you need to figure out and the longer it takes you to make decisions and fix problems, the longer the road will become.

That’s why before you start your journey, you need to do one thing first.

Be Ruthless

The biggest obstacle preventing any entrepreneur from being successful is getting too personal or too attached to your ideas or your strategies.

That’s why you need to detach and treat your “baby” like it’s a robot. Yes, you created it, but it has no feeling or emotions — so stop worry about its mental health.

You need to be ruthless with decision making. You need to analyze data in a non-emotional way. Is this strategy working or not? And if the answer is “not” then you need to fix it or abandon it IMMEDIATELY!!

The longer you wait to make decisions, the longer you will be on this journey.

The 99% Mistake

If you’re new to entrepreneurship then you need to know that 99% of startups fail. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA) nearly 75% of small businesses fail before their 10th year in business.

So how can you avoid the 99% mistake?



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