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Pursue Your Dreams This Summer

Professor Schwartz
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Can anyone become an entrepreneur?

That’s the question we are answering this summer.

If you have a dream? If you want to become your own boss? If you want to be a maverick and change the world — then you should pay close attention to this article — because this summer you will learn how you can make those dreams come true.

That’s because the wait is over. This summer, a group of dreamers will find out what it takes to become an entrepreneur in the 1st Annual Young Entrepreneur Program, sponsored by Leaf Academy.

What is the Young Entrepreneur Program?

The Young Entrepreneur Program fills in the education gap your high school and college leaves behind. You might not realize it, but formal education does not teach you the skills or gives you the tools you need to be successful in the 21st century.

When you sign up for this summer program, you will learn the five essential 21st century skills you need to become an entrepreneur.

This is a 4-week summer program. Think of it like camp for entrepreneurs. Over the course of those 4-weeks, you will learn 21st century leadership, team building, problem solving, sales and communications skills. In addition, you will learn how to develop your ideas into real companies, products and services that you can pursue.

Here are some of the questions that this summer program will answer for you:

  • How do you test your idea to see if it will work?
  • How do you develop a pitch?
  • How do you create a strategic plan?
  • How do you launch a campaign?
  • How do you build a solid team?

Are you excited to learn more?

Why is this Program Unique?

The Young Entrepreneur program is not the first program geared toward entrepreneurs, but this is the ONLY program in America that will teach you all five 21st century skills.

This is also the only program that was developed by an expert educator and 21st century skills expert. That’s right, every single other entrepreneur program is run by “social media influencers” not EDUCATORS!!

And you will notice the huge difference when you join this summer program.

Meet “The School Doc”

Who is behind the Young Entrepreneur Program?

The 1st Annual Young Entrepreneur Program is sponsored by Leaf Academy and was developed by “The School Doc.” And if you aren’t familiar with either name — you’re in for a big surprise.

People call him the “The School Doc” because he has been diagnosing problems for the last 20 years. One of the major problems he diagnosed was why the education system refuses to teach kids the necessary 21st century skills they need to compete and survive in the world.

This summer program will teach you those five skills. The reason that 99% of Americans are struggling financially today is because they never learned 21st century leadership, team building, problem solving, sales or communications skills in high school or college.

The Secret to Retiring Early

Want to know the secret to retiring early?

The answer is a lot simpler than you realize. The secret to retiring early is having enough money in the bank.

That’s it! That’s the secret to retirement. You can only stop working when you have enough money to live off of. It’s that simple. The question 99% of Americans can’t answer is “how do I make enough money?”

One of the things you will learn inside this Summer Program is how to answer that question.

How Can I Sign Up for the Young Entrepreneur Program?

Does spending 4 weeks with other people like you sound fun? Does learning 21st century skills sound like a smart idea? And would you like to learn how to turn your dreams into reality??

If you answered YES to these question, then you will want to sign up for the Young Entrepreneur Program. And here’s how??

Simply go to the Leaf Academy homepage:

  1. Click on the Special Report “How Your Education Left You Behind”
  2. Submit your email — You will receive a FREE special report that outlines the problem with our current education system in your email and you will then be directed to the Young Entrepreneur Webpage.
  3. Read the Information
  4. Fill out the form and submit

It’s that easy.

Be aware that enrollment will be limited, so sign up as soon as you make the decision to join us this summer.

The 2023 Summer Program runs from July 10 — July 31, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there an Age Limit?

There is no strict age limit. Leaf Academy and the Young Entrepreneur Program is an inclusive summer program, which means any American resident is eligible to sign up.

That also means, we will accept teenagers into this program. (If you are under 18, you must get your parents permission.)

Who Should Sign Up?

The Young Entrepreneur program is designed specifically for people that want to become entrepreneurs and want to learn how to develop “ideas” into real companies, products and services.

The beauty and challenge of being an entrepreneur is that NOT all ideas work. During this summer program, you will learn the process of developing ideas. That means, if one idea fails, you will have the ability to develop a second idea, or a third idea, or a fourth idea.

The key to entrepreneurship —is NEVER giving up after one idea fails.

Sometimes it take 6-months to develop one idea that will work.

Is this a Competition?

Yes, there will be a friendly competition this summer among entrepreneurs.

The goal is to teach everyone how to become a successful entrepreneur, and being able to handle stress, pressure and competition is part of that learning process. There is a non-toxic competition between teams.

And at the end of the Summer Program — we will crown winners in the following categories!!

  • Best Vision
  • Best Social Media Campaign
  • Best Message
  • Best Pitch
  • Best Solution
  • Best Team
  • Winning Idea

Join Us This Summer!!

Do you have a “Big Idea” but not sure how to make it real? Then join the Summer Program!

Do you want to work with other entreprenuers this summer? Then join the Summer Program!

Do you want to learn 21st century skills? Then join the Summer Program!

Simply go to the Leaf Academy homepage and request your FREE Special Report “How Your Education Left You Behind.” And then sign up for the 2023 Young Entrepreneur Summer Program!!

Hope to see you this summer!!



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