What Does it Take To Become a Millionaire?

Is there a hidden barrier for poor people?

Professor Schwartz
10 min readFeb 20


Millionaire Math

What does it take to become a millionaire?

If you’re not following my account yet, then you missed the last article I wrote about how a janitor from Vermont was able to accumulate an $8 million fortune without his friends or family even knowing about it.

That’s right — a janitor became a millionaire!

The reason I wrote about that story was because you have been taught to believe that there is an invisible barrier preventing you from being successful and becoming a millionaire.

This has nothing to do with politics. This has to do with Millionaire Math.

For the last year, I have been researching and developing a new program for people called “Millionaire Math.” When I’m done, it will outline everything you need to do to become a millionaire.

This program isn’t for wealthy people — this program is for you!

If you grew up like I did, by the time you reached high school, you realized there are two worlds going on at the same time. The first world was the one my parents lived in with their beliefs and values and the second world was the one my teachers lived in.

A lot of my friends never came to this realization — and the consequences of not seeing the difference was that they started to believe every word teachers told them like it was “gospel.”

Your Education Left You Behind

For the last two years, I have written hundreds of articles trying to explain and outline how our school system isn’t broken — it’s just really old. Have I done a good job? That’s for you to decide.

If you’re searching for answers about education, 21st century skills, becoming an entrepreneur or how to be successful in the 21st century — then you’ve found your home. I hope you will hit the follow button and take this journey with me. (I encourage questions and comments)

The reason people follow me is because they know something is wrong — but they can’t quite figure out why? And that’s where I come in. If you’re new to my account, what you don’t know is that I am a 21st century skills expert and also a recognized expert in education.

In 2017, the NJ Joint Legislative Committee on the Public Schools invited me to give expert testimony and in 2020 “The Teachers for Good Trouble” movement asked me to speak a their Virtual Summit.

You already know something’s wrong with America’s high schools. I don’t have to tell you that — you know it in your heart. But what you don’t know is “WHAT’S wrong with our nations high schools?”

In order to fully answer your question, we need to do a quick history lesson. I know, I know — oh no!! Not history!! But trust me, it will be quick and painless and it will help you SEE what is really going on.

The 19th Century American School

Our public school system began in the late 1870s. This was right after the freeing of slaves, right after the end of the Civil War and right after Reconstruction began in the South.

Some people want to tell you this was a “great” time in American history — it was NOT! Life in America before the turn of the century was ROUGH!!

And America’s leaders knew our young nation was in deep trouble. Not only did citizens hate each other (sound familiar?) but most American citizens were illiterate. That means, while we wanted to tell the world that we were a super-power, most of our people didn’t know how to read and write. (Do you see the world shaking in its boots?)

So they developed the public school.

It started with one room schoolhouses and one teacher, but quickly grew to the system we see today. Have you ever asked, “what did they teach back then?”

The answer is probably not. And why would you? Who cares what schools taught in 1875 — it’s irrelevant to today — or is it?

Here’s what you need to know. Our public schools started with one simple idea — let’s teach every kid the fundamentals of reading, writing and math. And that was the idea behind our public schools.

History lesson over. (See how quick that was??)

In Sheep’s Clothes

Do you know the idea behind our schools today? Yes, I’m asking you “what are schools teaching kids in 2023?”

The truth is that our school system, yes all 84,000 schools only teach kids the fundamentals of reading, writing and math. Kids learn how to read, write and do math in Kindergarten, but they continue to learn those same fundamentals through senior year of high school.

Did you ever ask, “when will I use this in real life?” to yourself, your teachers or your parents.

Here’s the problem. You were asking the right question, but the wrong way. And so your teachers could honestly tell you, “you need all of this in real life.” Because that’s true. You need to know how to read, write and do math. I mean — that’s fairly obvious.

But what you were really asking was this, “IS THIS ALL WE ARE GOING TO LEARN? IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE WE NEED TO LEARN??”

And that’s a different question. And that’s not a question your teachers or schools know how to answer. And here’s why?

Because the school system is REALLY old. Like 200 years old. And teachers and school leaders are unfortunately in over their heads. And how do I know that?

Because the most common answer they tell people is teach “computers and technology.”

But really? Is that what schools NEED to teach kids?

Have you ever been inside a classroom in the last five years?

Go to any classroom in America and you will see the teacher fighting with the technology, meanwhile it’s the kids who are the IT specialists fixing everything. It’s been the same way since 1980 when the VCR entered the classroom. The kids know more about the technology than the teachers. So who is teaching who exactly?

Which brings us back to the the question at hand: “Do schools need to teach kids MORE than just the fundamentals of reading, writing and math?”

The sobering truth is the answer is YES!

But our school leaders are in over their heads — and so they don’t know “WHAT ELSE?” to teach?

What Does a 21st Century School Look Like?

When I talk about 21st century schools, I’m talking about the K12 district first. College plays a role, but we need to fix K12 first. Here’s the facts you need to know. America has the best elementary schools in the world.

That’s according to the data — and I’ve been studying and following the data for the last 20+ years.

The reason why our elementary schools are so incredible is because we invented the 19th century curriculum. If you recall, the 19th century curriculum is the fundamentals of reading, writing and math.

America should pat itself on the back for that one. We do a really good job at teaching kids the basics of reading, writing and math. But that’s where our education ends.

And you need more. You need to learn more if you want to pursue your dreams, if you want to make money, if you want to buy a home, and if you want to retire before you’re 80 years old.

But what do you need to learn?

As I’ve stated, the people in charge of our K12 system, from the Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona — all the way down to your local Superintendent are just in over their heads.

They are good people. Sincerely, these are hard working and dedicated individuals. But I am frustrated at how hard it is to get them to listen sometimes.

So here’s the proof.

I might have been one of the first school superintendents to adopt a 21st century skills curriculum back in 2011. I might have experience teaching 21st century skills for the last decade. Despite me being a 21st century skills expert and also being a recognized expert in education — I am not famous — so I get it. Why would anyone listen to someone who isn’t famous?

But you can’t say that about the researchers at Georgetown University. You can’t ignore them, like you ignore me. If they come to a conclusion after doing extensive research — you need to pay attention.

And they came to a conclusion in 2020.

Here’s what they found. In their groundbreaking report “Workplace Basics” they proved without any doubt that you need to learn five 21st century skills — if you want to be successful.

And for the purposes of this article — these five skills are the key to unlocking your power to become a millionaire. I don’t want to bore you with the details — so instead let me show you how you can use these five skills to follow your dreams and become a millionaire.

The Young Entrepreneur Program

Showing is always better than telling. That’s why I developed the Young Entrepreneur Summer Program. Over 4 weeks, young people will learn all five 21st century skills and then apply them into real world situations.

The purpose of this program is to teach you the fundamentals of 21st century skills. (And by “YOU” I mean people who are 18–35 years old)

The reason I can do this is because I was one of the first school superintendnets in America to adopt a 21st century skills curriculum back in 2011. That means, I have been teaching students these same five skills for more than a decade.

Here’s a sneak preview of the 4-week summer program:

  • Week One — 21st Century Leadership/Team Building Skills
  • Week Two — 21st Century Problem Solving Skills
  • Week Three — 21st Century Sales/Communications Skills
  • Week Four — LAUNCH WEEK!!

Here’s how this summer program works.

When you sign up for the program, you will fill out a “Big Idea” form. It’s ok if you don’t have a “Big Idea” because we will be forming teams this summer to work on the best “big ideas” and then launching them in Week Four.

That’s right — you read that correctly — you are going to learn the fundamentals of all five 21st century skills in Weeks 1–3, and then in Week Four — you will use your newly learned skills to LAUNCH the idea into the world.

It doesn’t matter if it works or not — the purpose of the summer program is to learn the fundamentals and then practice them in real life. When you are done with this summer program — you will know the fundamentals of leadership, team building, problem solving, sales and communications skills.

You will also know how to develop an idea. You will know how to build a strong management team. You will know how to identify potential problems. You will know how to get attention. You will know how to develop a pitch. And you will know how to communicate your ideas to others, whether they be parents, friends or investors.

This is the best young entrepreneur program in America — and I can say that because every other program is run by social media “influencers.”

And without sounding too arrogant about it, but “come on!”

I’m a 21st century skills expert. I have been teaching 21st century skills for over a decade. And I’m a recognized expert in education. This program is competing against a social media “influencer?”

Every single one of those “guru” programs will teach you how to build an online course to show other people how to build an online course. Basically, your road to financial freedom in those programs is “grifting” off each other. (whatever!)

That’s not this program. If you sign up for the Young Entrepreneur Summer Program, you will learn the fundamentals of five 21st century skills. And then learn how to apply them into your real life. That means, you can use these skills to pursue your passion project or start your own business, or just build a following on social media.

Whatever your dream — you can pursue it with these five skills.

Did I do a good job showing you, rather than telling you?

Sign Up Today!

The Young Entrepreneur Summer Program runs from July 10 — July 31, 2023. You will take 20 hybrid (“LIVE” and pre-recorded) classes over four weeks.

During the first three weeks, you will be learning the fundamentals of 21st century leadership, team building, problem solving, sales and communications skills. And then in the last week — you will LAUNCH your idea into the world.

On the last day of the Summer Program — we will have an awards ceremony and crown the champions. That means, we want to recognize the team with the best idea, the team with the most followers, the team with the best marketing plan, etc.

If you want to work with other young people, just like you, then you should sign up for this unique program.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, or you just want to learn these five 21st century skills to help you in your career path —you should sign up today!!

And there’s a BONUS!!

If you sign up before April 15th — there’s an early bird discount.

(TRUST ME — the early bird is WORTH IT!!)

So what are you waiting for??

Follow these simple intructions:

  1. Click the link above
  2. It will take you to the Young Entrepreneur Summer Program
  3. Sign Up
  4. Fill out the “Big Idea” form
  5. See You this Summer!

It’s that simple! When you sign up — you will join other young people just like you who want to learn all five 21st century skills and figure out how to follow their dreams. You won’t learn these skills in school.

The truth is your education is too far behind to teach you.



Professor Schwartz

Consultant | Speaker/Author | Former Superintendent & Recognized 21st Century Skills Expert. Founder of Leaf Academy: https://leafacademy.org