What’s the Most Important Test in America?

It’s Not What You Think…

After being bombarded with news and ads about how toxic and negative standardized tests are in schools, would you be surprised to learn there is one test that every American needs to take?

This week, Leaf Academy, the first online school for 21st century skills, published a brand new report that proves the existence of five basic 21st century skills and the data from Georgetown University to back it up.

The new report, “How to Make Money with 21st Century Skills” is available for FREE at the Leaf Academy website:

Inside this groundbreaking report, readers will be able to take the one test every American needs to take. It’s called the Resumé Test, and the reason it’s so valuable is because it will help you determine which of the five 21st century skills you already know.

Inside this report, you will read about the data and research conducted at Georgetown University back in 2020 that proved the existence of the five basic 21st century skills and how important they are for success in our economy.

In fact, it could be argued that if you do not know the five basic 21st century skills that could be the exact reason you are struggling in your career or financially.

You can get a FREE copy of this report at the Leaf Academy website. As an added bonus, after you submit your email to get the FREE report, you will also get instant access to a FREE Leadership course.

This 100% Free mini-course will teach you about the 6 Objectives of Leadership and provide you with 5 Learning Modules to help kickstart improving your leadership skills.

If you want the FREE Report, the Resume Test and the 100% FREE Leadership course, you need to go to the Leaf Academy website:

About the Author:

D.Scott Schwartz, M.Ed. is a recognized expert in the field of education. He founded an education think tank back in 2013, which has been conducting research on best practices for teachers and school administrators. He is also the founder and developer of the most effective and successful Teacher Development program in America, helping teachers become expert-level instructors within two school years, defying the critics and conventional wisdom that thought teachers could not become experts in less than five years.



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Professor Schwartz

Professor Schwartz

Former Superintendent | Ed Consultant | Speaker/Author — Go to my homepage at https://leafacademy.org