What’s the Secret to Leadership?

What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You or Your Business

How much do you really know about leadership? The truth is most people throw the word leadership around so much that they never stop to analyze how much they really know about leadership.

This is a common problem in our society. The reason we assume we know more about leadership than we really do is because we have been conditioned to believe if we hear something over and over again — we become experts.

Leadership Quiz

Let’s test this theory out in real time. You think you know everything there is to know about leadership? Prove it to yourself.

On a piece of paper, list out six qualities that all good leaders must have.

Take as long as you need.

Having trouble?

If you are having trouble, don’t feel bad — most people have trouble with this assignment. And here’s why? None of us learned leadership skills in school. In fact, only one school in America teaches leadership skills and that’s Business School.

Because we never learned this skill in school, we have to rely on our association of leadership with specific people in real life. Is that what you did? Did you think of people you admire and try and list out the qualities they possess?

Here’s a good example. If you ask most people, they would say Barack Obama is a good leader. But why is he a good leader? Most people would say because he’s a great speaker.

Here’s the problem.

The ability to give speeches is not a leadership skill, it’s a communication skill. Which brings me back to the original question, what makes Barack Obama a good leader?

The 6 Objectives of Leadership

If your goal is to develop your own leadership skills, you cannot rely on looking at other people and trying to emulate them. It might work on the surface, but you’re neglecting your own growth and leadership abilities.

That’s why I developed The 6 Objectives of Leadership. If you want to develop leadership skills, you will need to focus on what makes people great leaders.

For quick reference, here are The 6 Objectives of Leadership (save this article for easy reference):

  1. Vision
  2. S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  3. Responsibility
  4. Management
  5. Support
  6. Reflection

If you want more information about The 6 Objectives of Leadership, you can get your FREE Copy of The 6 Objectives of Leadership Guide at my website, Leaf Academy (link in bio).

Why The 6 Objectives of Leadership Are Important?

If you want to develop your leadership there needs to be a way to build up your skills. It’s nearly impossible to build up your individual skills when you are forced to emulate other people.

What you really need to know is how do you break down leadership skills?

That’s what I’ve done in the FREE Guide, The 6 Objectives of Leadership and in the Beginner and Advanced leadership courses you can register for at Leaf Academy.

When you follow The 6 Objectives of Leadership, you begin to fully develop your leadership qualities. It’s no longer guess work.

Do you want to become a leader? Do you want to improve your leadership skills? Then you need to learn The 6 Objectives of Leadership.

The Secret to Leadership

What’s the one secret all good leaders share in common?

The answer is not obvious and why so many people in our society are bad leaders. I found the secret while developing the two courses at Leaf Academy. But this one skill is the basis of all good leaders.

Want to find out the secret?

The secret is so important that I am giving it away for FREE! Yes, 100% for Free in a 10 minute webinar that I created. I encourage you to register for the FREE webinar right now. You will learn about The 6 Objectives of Leadership, the Secret to Leadership and also get one homework assignment that will give you that “AH-HA! Moment”

If you want to register, follow the link below:

About the Author:

D.Scott Schwartz, M.Ed. is the CEO and Founder of Leaf Academy and an education think tank. He is better known as “The School Doc” and hosts a weekly LIVE podcast on Instagram. “The School Doc” does consulting work for schools and businesses that are looking to improve their internal leadership skills to move their organizations forward into the future.



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Professor Schwartz

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