Where Does All the Money Go?

Professor Schwartz
6 min readSep 17

Find Out the Truth About How Schools Spend Money

Here’s the truth, most people think they know what goes on inside a school district, from what teachers teach, to how schools spend money, but the sad truth is that most people assume they understand what’s happening, when in fact the answers to all your questions and confusions are right under your nose.

For example, one of the biggest complaints teachers make is that their pay is too low.

If we are having an existential debate about how much teachers deserve to be paid for the work they do — then it’s really no contest. Teachers should be paid much more than they actually receive.

The problem is we’re not having an existential debate. The reality is that school districts only have “x” amount of money to go around and most people are not aware of where all that money goes.

So I’m pulling the curtain back and revealing how schools spend money.

Do You Like Learning Secrets?

This article is going to reveal to you the secrets behind the curtain of a school district. Only the insiders know this information, so if you don’t work inside the Central Administration office or for a school auditing firm, then you probably don’t know the answers I’m going to reveal to you in this article.

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Where the Money Goes?

Every school district has an approved annual budget. If you work in a large school district, let’s say Newark, NJ, then the annual school budget is over $1 billion. Yes, you read that correctly, over one billion dollars.

But that’s an extreme case, the truth is that most school districts are working with an annual budget in the $100 million range. Which brings us to the next logical question, “where does all that money go?”

So here is a list of what school districts spend their money on:

  • Teacher Salaries
  • All Employee Benefits
  • Equipment
  • Buildings and Grounds
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