Who is D. Scott Schwartz, M.Ed.?

The Story of One Teacher Who Quit And Then Came Back to Fix America’s School System

“Change does not happen overnight, but positive change is coming.”

How I Became a Teaching Statistic

“I was ashamed and embarrassed. All I could think was “I couldn’t hack it as a teacher.” And this shame was fueled by the K12 system and the culture of teaching.”

I began my career as a teacher. The administrators of the district I worked for didn’t think I was a strong teacher, so instead of assigning me a classroom teaching high school social studies, which is what I wanted to teach, they sent me to an elementary school to teach the tech/computer lab.

“The answer is read, learn and speak up.”

It might seem impossible that you could turn around your school or district. It might seem impossible that all the teachers in your building could become expert level teachers. It may seem even more unrealistic that every principal and administrator in your system can become a great leader and empower teachers, students and parents to improve the quality of education.

  1. “Do you want to hire expert teachers?”
  2. “Do you want expert principals running your schools?”



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Professor Schwartz

Ed Consultant | Speaker/Author | Former Superintendent — Want to learn "how success happens?" Follow this link: https://leafacademy.org