Who is Professor Schwartz? Take Two!

The Virtual Introduction, No One Wants to Give

Professor Schwartz


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If you meet someone, who doesn’t know you, how do you introduce yourself for the first time?

It’s an interesting question, which I didn’t consider the first time I wrote the “Who is Professor Schwartz” story a few months ago. But maybe I should have.

The problem is that my life has changed dramatically from when I wrote that original story to now. And if you haven’t been following my social media journey — on December 26th I wrote my first viral article ever.

Yes, one of the articles I wrote on Medium, literally went to the moon and beyond.

A Perspective Shift

I really had no idea how that one event would change my entire perspective on social media and also my interactions with it. But going viral has profoundly changed how I see social media and my place in it.

So here’s how it changed my perspective.

Before going viral — I was fighting to get attention. Before that article I had 135 subscribers and I was completely unknown. And here’s the issue — I’m not completely unknown in real life. I was just anonymous and invisible online. And that’s very difficult to reconcile when you say something to people in the real world — and they react one way — and then you say the same exact thing online — and social media reacts completely different.

What’s difficult to realize is that’s how social media works. It’s not real. In fact, I can publish an article on social media that is based on 20 years of academic research and one anonymous user will say, “this is rubbish” and everyone else on social media jumps on that band wagon.

But after I went viral — I am closing in on 400 subscribers — I no longer feel the need to fight with anonymous people online anymore. And it’s a good feeling.

And I no longer feel the need to argue with people online simply because I know that’s not my job. And…



Professor Schwartz

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