Why Are We Obsessed with Celebrity Gossip?

The reason behind wanting to know everything about our favorite celebrities.

Professor Schwartz
5 min readAug 4, 2022

If you didn’t know this — human beings are learning creatures.

What that means is that the major reason human beings survived thousands of years of evolution is because of our ability to learn and adapt to situations and circumstances.

Think about it.

How fast can a human being run?

The fastest human on earth — Usain Bolt cannot outrun a cheetah or a lion or even a bear.

How much can a human being lift?

The strongest man on earth can only lift around 1000 pounds. But a human would lose any lifting contest against an elephant.

The point is humans are not the fastest, strongest, or most agile species on earth, which means that we are the most vulnerable species to predators. In the animal kingdom, we are not the top of the food chain. But we have the ability to learn and it’s our NEED for learning that drives us to do things we don’t want to do.

Celebrities Are Case Studies — Not!

It’s normal to be fascinated by celebrities.

Celebrities are very attractive people, they make a lot of money and they are usually very successful at what they do. As a species that NEEDS to learn, celebrities seem like the logical choice to study.

How did they become successful? How did they make their money? How did they become famous? As a species, we NEED to know these answers because we hope that we can adapt what they did into our own lives.

Makes perfect sense when you think about it that way — except none of it works.

How many hours do you watch TMZ, YouTube, read articles online, follow them on social media? And how much more money have you made from all of that research?

The answer is probably nothing.

So why are celebrities horrible case studies?

The Missing Link

Truth be told, the reason that you can’t copy a celebrity’s rise to fame and fortune is because you’re missing the one secret you won’t learn about in those articles, videos and social media posts.

The secret is celebrities aren’t following you.

While you are spending hours obsessing over their life, they are spending that same amount of time working and growing their success. The secret is to stop obsessing over their life and start obsessing over your own life.

To unlock the celebrity secret, first you should understand that leaders don’t follow. Leaders lead. Most celebrities understand this fundamental objective when they started their journey.

Go back and re-read your favorite celebrity’s road to stardom. Most often they talk about that moment when they overcame an obstacle or refused to give up, despite everyone around them telling them to quit.

All of that drive and motivation comes from understanding your own leadership skills. Leaders listen to others, not because they agree with them, but they need to know which direction to go and what to avoid.

It’s painful to have to listen to people tell you that you can’t do something. Or listen to people who tell you, you’re wrong. But leaders listen. Listening isn’t the same as agreeing. But if you don’t listen, then you are tuning out your mistakes and opportunities.

Real Life Example

My name is D.Scott Schwartz, but I’m better known as “The School Doc.” I founded Leaf Academy, which is the only online school that teaches 21st century skills to everyday American citizens.

But when I launched the online school in 2020, everyone was telling me that I didn’t know what I was doing, that no one would want to learn online and that no one needed to know 21st century skills. I was also told that our K12 schools did a great job and that having $100,000 of college loan debt was worthwhile because college degrees are necessary in today’s economy.

But here’s the truth.

After the pandemic, people don’t mind learning online. And research from Georgetown University has proven every American needs to learn five essential 21st century skills. And it's a proven fact that college degrees are no longer guaranteed tickets to high paying jobs in 2022.

Create Your Own Leadership Path

If you want to make more money or start building the life you want, instead of the life you have — you need to start by developing the first 21st century skill: Leadership.

The celebrity you are obsessed over, the one you follow on social media and consume every minute of content from is NOT FOLLOWING YOU!! Remember that. You are following the path they created, not your own path.

If you want to be more successful, you need to create your own path.

It starts with developing your leadership skills.

The Leadership Courses

Leaf Academy offers two leadership courses, a Beginner and Advanced level course. Before you decide to register for the Beginner Level Leadership Course, please download the FREE Guide “The 6 Objectives of Leadership”, so you understand how leadership is broken down into learnable chunks. If you want to grab your FREE COPY, follow this link:

Remember human beings are learning creatures. That means, you always have to feed your NEED for learning new things and building on your life. Once you create your own path, you will begin to feel more fulfilled and satisfied with what you are doing and the direction your life is going.

It doesn’t mean you need to become an entrepreneur, it could mean that you switch job positions or companies or industries. But it’s important to find the path you are meant to be on — and that all begins with developing your leadership skills.

About the Author:

D.Scott Schwartz, M.Ed. is the CEO and Founder of Leaf Academy and an education think tank. He is better known as “The School Doc” and hosts a weekly LIVE podcast on Instagram. “The School Doc” does consulting work for schools and businesses that are looking to improve their internal leadership skills to move their organizations forward into the future.



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