Why Does the Top 1% Have an Advantage Over Everyone Else?

How Our School System Created the 2023 Struggle

Professor Schwartz
5 min readSep 7, 2023

If you’re struggling financially in 2023, there’s a good reason behind that pain and suffering, but the truth isn’t what you think it is. That’s right, the reason you’re behind the 8-ball has nothing to do with the economy, or taxes or even corporate greed.

If you really want to know why the Top 1% has an advantage over you, then I hope you’ll read this article.

What is Privilege?

We’ve all heard that some people have “privilege” while others do not. And while the headline is correct, the underlying issues and reasons are being hidden from you, in order to manipulate you.

So here’s the truth.

If you have a college degree or a graduate degree, then you are “privileged” in America. That’s right, if you have earned a higher ed diploma, you are the definition of privilege.

That means, privilege has nothing to do with your skin color, or your gender of whatever political affiliation you choose to follow today.

And until you wrap your mind around what “privilege” really means, you will always suffer.



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