Your Story Title Might be What’s Holding Your Story Views Back on Medium

Titles Matter More Than You Realize and Why Click-Baiting Works

Professor Schwartz


You just hit submit on your story and then nothing — crickets!

Why aren’t people reading your stories? Why do you have low views and low read numbers?

The reason could be your title.

That’s right — your story title is the first thing people see on your account and on their feed. Which means, if your story title isn’t compelling enough — then no one is going to click on it.

So What Makes a Story Title Compelling?

The key to compelling titles is to know what your audience cares about the most. In other words, the secret to making a title compelling is to know who your ideal reader is and how they feel about the topic you’re covering.

For example, the ideal reader for this story is someone who is writing stories on Medium, but is getting very low read numbers and engagement. Therefore, those people want to know — “how can I boost my numbers?”

And the answer is — your story title must align with what your audience cares about the most.

The Key Word is Compelling

For those that don’t know me at all, I’ve been writing since I was 9 years old. That’s when my mother handed me down my grandfather’s Royal typewriter — the same typewriter that my mom used to type out my father’s Ph.D. dissertation.

And ever since, I have been typing stories.

But until recently, I had no way of finding an audience for my work. That’s right, I have written hundreds, maybe even thousands of stories, but until I started writing on Medium — the only audience I had was myself and a few close friends.

Once you start interacting with an audience — is the minute you need to care about what they think and feel. And that might sound counter-intuitive for a blogging website, but the truth is if you want other people to read your stories — then your stories need to speak to them.

Not you!



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