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Do Your Stats Tell a Story?

Professor Schwartz


In the month of November 2023, I stopped making cents on Medium and started making dollars. Hooray, right?

Not so fast!!

My goal is to earn $20 this month, but when I go to look at the stats page on Medium — I have no idea why one story does better than another. And this is the exact opposite of what happens on YouTube.

I started a YT channel a year ago and I am close to 1,500 subs there, but the most important aspect of running a YT channel is the ability to look at the YT analytics page. And MAN — do they give you every metric you could ever want.

Including, the most helpful data — when someone clicks off your video.

Suggestion for Medium

So here’s my suggestion. Since they are tracking how much people read on your story — couldn’t they tell us when someone “stopped” reading our stories??

I mean, that would help me as a writer understand where the holes in my writing might be. Where I might get a little too boring, or where I lose the “compelling” nature of the story.

Real Life vs. Medium Life

The problem I have with writing on Medium is that I have no editor. I’m the writer, creator, editor and publisher. I make all the decisions. And frankly, I’m not sure I’m comfortable wearing all those hats.

I know my writing is stronger when I have an editor who can read it and give me critical feedback.

For example, “this section doesn’t work because you’re telling not showing again.”

The Problem with Responses on Medium

I really do appreciate all the responses I get on Medium. But some people on Medium seem to think it’s helpful to just tell me what they don’t like about an article.

Of course, I’m listening, but the feedback isn’t constructive. Which kind of leaves me in a no-win situation. It’s inappropriate for me to argue the response, which I sometimes forget — and argue anyway.

Nobody’s perfect — and I am far from perfect.

By the same token, I can’t expect readers on Medium to act like my editor. That’s not your job. And you’re not getting paid to read my articles — it’s the other way around. I’m getting paid for you to read!!

So it’s my job to make my writing more compelling.

Anyway, enough rant for now…my point is that I just wish that Medium offered writers better stats.

What do you think??



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